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Detail Services

Services are by appointment only. Non-refundable deposit required to secure an appointment. Pricing and time vary by car size. The price shown is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess soiling, stains, or pet hair will be an additional charge.

Refresher Spa Service
Exterior – Hand wash (foam) & dry, wheel cleaning, tire shine, & detail spray finish (hand).

Interior – Vacuum and interior wipe cleaning, windows, door jams.
2+ hours | Starting at $65.00

Recommended add-ons: Engine compartment ($60), Undercarriage wash ($110), or Interior Ceramic Protection ($150)

Premium Spa Service
Exterior – Refresher Spa Service clay & iron remover treatment application + Machine Polish.

Interior – Refresher Spa Service + steam clean all touch points, leather, and upholstery seats. 5+ hours | Starting at $450.00

Exclusive Spa Service
Exterior – Premium Spa Service + 1-step paint correction and polish. Ceramic coating (3+ years protection).

Interior – Premium Spa Service + headliner spot cleaning, and trunk vacuum and cleaned.
2+ days | Starting at $850.00

Winter Spa Prep Service
Exterior – Mini Spa Service +, ceramic sealant (3-6 months protection). All glass+mirror ceramic coated (up to 1 year)

Interior – Premium Spa Service + Ceramic protection on floor carpets and mats.
4+ hours | Starting at $350.00

Service Add-ons

Interior Shampoo Service
Vacuum, shampoo, steam clean. For fabric seats, floor mats and carpet cleaning.
Starting at $140.00 Headliner cleaning additional $80.00

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning (Only)
Vacuum, leather cleaning and conditioning, and protection
Starting at $80.00

Disinfect & Deodorize
Disinfectant service that kills cold and flu viruses, H1N1, COVID-19, Rotavirus, and Norovirus. O3 Air Purifier & Sterilizer treatment removes the toughest odors.
Starting at $80.00

Clay Spa Treatment
Removes contaminants and pollutants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. Includes polishing and sealant.
Starting at $220.00

Rims/Wheel Ceramic Coating Protection
Provides great protection against contaminants, brake dust, iron composite, minor scratches, preserves the look, and makes cleaning much easier.
Starting at $90.00ec wheel

Headlight Cleaning & Restoration
Wash and decontaminate, wet sanding to remove oxidation, polishing, and UV protection. Headlight ceramic coated for protection.
Starting at $120.00

Engine Compartment Cleaning & Rejuvenation
Prevents any reduction in performance and increases the overall lifespan of your motor.
Starting at $65.00

Glass Ceramic Coating Protection (External)
Coating makes your glass water repels, more durable, easier to clean and visible cleaner.
Starting at $120.00

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